Automated Surveillance Technology

The latest innovation in micro market loss prevention

Introducing Theft Detective, the world’s first automated video monitoring system for unattended retail environments.  Our patent-pending hardware integrates with your existing self-checkout kiosk, regardless of the manufacturer. Identify and address theft issues in a fraction of the time it takes with traditional security cameras!

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Get Results

Virtually eliminate micro market theft
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Optimize Efficiency

Reduce monitoring efforts and direct labor by up to 50%
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Minimize Impact

Recoup potential losses and capture lost sales
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The Bottom Line

Maximize market profitability

How It Works

  • Recording

    Motion-detecting cameras record video and other market activity

  • Alerts Created

    Theft Detective automatically sets aside video clips of suspicious market activity for review

  • Review

    Quickly review alerts to determine if further action is necessary

  • Case Files

    Create enhanced videos including descriptions and notes from the event

  • Share Video

    With a few clicks, send your video to your clients and have any problems addressed

Additional Services

Let our team of experts monitor your markets for you.

We will review your Alerts and build detailed Case Files when suspicious activity is identified.

You only pay for the results.

When you purchase a bundle of Case Files, we will monitor the markets you choose until we find suspicious activity to report to you.

Loss prevention isn’t only about managing theft.

As experienced micro market operators, we can help uncover potential service issues and technical problems that can lead to lost sales and missed opportunities while monitoring your markets.

Getting Started

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    Select your hardware

    Theft Detective is compatible with most major kiosk manufacturers.  We offer a variety of camera packages to allow for optimal viewing in markets of any size or layout.

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    Select your software license

    We offer Active Licenses and Inactive Licenses to allow you allocate resources to the markets that need attention.  Active Licenses will record video and generate Alerts, Inactive Licenses will simply record video for on-demand viewing like other surveillance systems.

    Monthly and annual license subscription options are available.

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    Optional: Purchase TDS Case Files

    Our team is ready to assist with monitoring your markets when you need us.  Use our services any time to cover vacations, train new employees, or just help get caught up.

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